Friday, June 28, 2019

Welcome to the home Underworld Explorers Online League! Please read the following rules carefully.

League Format

  1. The Underworld Explorers league is, and always will be, free to play.
  2. Players will be divided up into regions (Americas, Europe, Asia/Australia) for the Swiss rounds to try and minimize availability differences. Regions will merged if we don't get enough players (10) for a true region.
  3. Players will play 1 game per week for 6 weeks using Swiss matchups. The match-ups will be posted on Monday around 1 pm GMT, and players should report their results by midnight Sunday (GMT -4).
  4. Wins are 5 points. Modified Wins are worth 4 points. All losses are worth 0.
  5. You are responsible for scheduling your games with your opponent. If your opponent does not respond by 4 am GMT Thursday of the week, you may forward an email sent by you at least 24 hours prior to me (see contact sheet for my email) and a claim a modified win Note 1: You are still responsible for submitting the game report with "Game Not Played" for required fields.  
  6. If you and your opponent are unable to find a time to play the game due to mutually conflicting schedules (very rare), you may message me and I will randomly determine a player to get a modified win.
  7. If your opponent is more than 20 minutes late to scheduled game, you may report a modified win.
  8. If you have reported a modified win but later a mutual time still exists, you may play and report the game as normal but you "lose" the modified win. If this happens, please notify me.
  9. After Swiss play is completed, a top cut will be played. All players with a record of X-2 or better will advance to a direct elimination bracket.
  10. Players are strongly encouraged to join the Discord group however this is not a requirement for participation.

General Rules

  1. You can play any legal deck you wish each week. Deck legality is determined by current GW deckbuilding rules (FAQs, season restrictions, etc) for the Championship Format. For warbands that have regional release (such as Dreadfane) Vassal is considered to be the country of play (so if warband is released on vassal it is legal for play at the start of the next Underworlds season or with opponent's permission. Exceptions: Previewed cards are by opponent permission if they are implemented on vassal even if they haven't been released but this is entirely at opponent's discretion.
  2. You don’t have to play the same deck each week but you can if you want.
  3. Failure to show for 2 games will result in a player being dropped. (1 game if you don't show in week 1)
  4. If you and your opponent can’t schedule a match for any reason, please contact me as soon as possible (Paul Steiner on facebook, discord or see contact sheet for email).
  5. This league attracts players from around the world. By joining you are committing to playing 1 game per week for up to 10(ish) weeks. Keep in mind that not everyone lives in your time zone and you may occasionally have to play at weird times. Truly consider whether you can make this commitment before joining.
  6. All games are expected to be played via the Vassal Underworlds module ( However if by mutual consent you want to play on WUndersworlds Club, Tabletop simulator, real life, or some other method that is acceptable.
  7. Games are played in the best of one format by default however if by mutual consent you want to play best of three that is acceptable as well.  The exception to this is the league finals which is best of three unless by mutual consent the players decide to do best of one. 
  8. If one player disconnects during a game and is unable to reconnect.  The opponent may report a full win or offer to replay at their discretion.
  9. In the rare event of a dispute between two players, the decision of the tournament organizer (Paul Steiner) is final.  In the super rare event of a dispute between me and someone else the decision of the ad hoc mediator is final.
  10. By entering this tournament you forfeit all rights to complain about how it’s run. 
  11. Have fun and don’t be jerks to each other!

League Schedule

  1. 4 Leagues per year will be conducted. Because the vast majority of our players are from the northern hemisphere they will be creatively named the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.
  2. Each League will last up to 11 weeks (6 rounds of Swiss, 5 rounds of elimination) + 2 weeks for registration (subject to participation)
  3. For 2018 and beyond, the winter League will run roughly Jan-March, Spring will be April-June, Summer will be July to September and Fall will be October to December. (subject to participation)